NPRA Product Registration in Malaysia

For every skincare product that thinking of selling in Malaysia market, the brand needs to have NPRA product registration. This is the government authority that approve and verify the safety and ingredients used by the say product is safe and can be sold in the market. MM cosmetic provides NPRA product registration for our client to register their OEM, ODM or OBM products with NPRA product registration with the authority. There are few certificates or registration needed for a new product to be able to sell in Malaysia market. NOT, Token, COA, MicroB and simplify heavy metal testing are part of the registration needed. For Token and NOT, brand to register for a period for two years and renew under NPRA product registration. And for MicroB is one the process on bacteria testing that you need as well for the item to be approved. Simplify heavy metal testing, from the words you know that it is a testing on the percentage of heavy metal involved in a particular product. Those are the 5 most common items for NPRA product registration Malaysia.

Beside the mentioned items the brand able to register, there are also optional items that a brand can register based on the needs. One of it is the steroid under SGS, it is able to get approval under SGS, an international leading inspection testing organization trusted by many countries. Thinking of exporting your product? MM cosmetic also provide assistance on CFS, MSDS and HS Code for product exportation registration. It is one of the NPRA product registration especially for brand thinking of exporting oversea. And here comes the most popular registration you can do it for your brand, which is the Halal certificate for your brand. Halal certified products are safe for the Malay or Muslim society to purchase and use your product. It has become one of the most demanding certificate among the Malay and Muslim market and countries. And these are all the certificate MM cosmetic able to assist on providing it to our client for your NPRA product registration.